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6th Red Bull X-Alps

The Red Bull X-Alps is the world's toughest adventure race, a bold claim, but one it surely deserves.  The concept is a simple one. Athletes must race from Salzburg to Monaco, by foot or paraglider, a straight-line distance of approximately 1,000km.  Its simplicity is something that has attracted and tested to the limit some of the world's top adventurers over the last 10 years.  Start of Red Bull X-Alps 2013 Salzburg City Centre, Austria July 7, 2013 at 11:30 LT.

Among adventurers, it's known as the ultimate race.  It's an incredible challenge, demanding not only expert paragliding skill but extreme endurance.  Some athletes will hike over 100km in a day and will have covered over 900km on foot by the time the race is over!  Each team consists of one athlete and up to two supporters.  No technical or outside assistance is allowed.  The support team is just there to help with logistics, food and mental help.

Athletes can race between the hours of 05:00 to 22:30.  But in a new twist for 2013 that promises to make the race even more exciting, athletes can each pull one 'Night Pass' that will allow them to push-on through the night on foot.  For the fans following the action live, the sixth Red Bull X-Alps promises to be an unforgettable spectacle of action.

The first Red Bull X-Alps, held in 2003, opened up a new dimension in adventure racing.  Event inventor, mastermind and former professional paraglider Hannes Arch, said at the time,  “This is much more than just an Alpine crossing;  it's an adventure, an expedition and at the same time a competition.“

Seventeen athletes braved the 800km journey from Austria’s Dachstein glacier but only three managed to make it all the way to the finish in Monaco via three turning points at the Zugspitze in Germany, France’s Mont Blanc and Mont Gros.


The Red Bull X-Alps is an adventure and paragliding competition for selected international Athletes.  The challenge is to cross the Alps from East to West and finish in Monaco as quickly as possible travelling only by paraglider or by foot.  Teams will start in Salzburg (Eastern Austria) and travel past turnpoints defined by the Race Committee.  The Athlete who reaches the landing float in Monaco first is the winner of the race.


Watch the athletes LIVE !!!

New Live Tracking system to take Red Bull X-Alps to the next level

Some exciting updates have been added to the Red Bull Mobile Live Tracking system so fans can experience the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps like never before.  Following the athletes as they battle weather and exhaustion all the way from Salzburg to Monaco will be even more thrilling.

Each athlete will carry a GPS device that constantly transmits their position via GPRS.  This means all athletes will be trackable in real time, so fans can instantly locate where each athlete is on a live map as well as the route they are taking.  Using Google Earth, these routes can also be viewed in 3D, so fans can visualize the challenges they are facing as they journey across the Alps.

Ranking and statistics will be updated in real time too, so discovering who has just taken the lead, whether the athlete is flying or hiking, and what distance they have covered each day, will be instantly accessible.

Furthermore, the weather functionality has been vastly improved and even more features are planned to be released soon.  This includes a weather overlay on the map, so it is possible to see the conditions the athletes struggle against.  This adds an interesting twist for all the viewers who can watch how each team’s strategy will adapt to an oncoming patch of bad weather!

With mobile device functionality and added live chat, the race is more accessible and sociable - discussions between fans can take place throughout the race and everyone will be able to sneak a quick look at the updates on their smart device.  Careful though, this is highly addictive!

More: here

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