Vehicle access restrictions on Mt. Tyrfristos


    Greek National Forest Service has issued an access prohibition for motorized vehicles on specific forest roads on Timfristos mountain area.

    The reason is to protect wild Fauna and Flora of the area.  The forest roads affected are between locations "Siraga" - "Nontousi" and between locations "Rahi" - "Karavageli".  At the locations listed below, locked gates have been placed to restrict the access.

The restriction is valid from November 1st till April 30th next year, until the year 2027.

num   X   Y (coordinates of the "gates" are in the Greek-Grid projection in meters).

  1. 316771,57    4306276,05
  2. 318230,65    4305426,77
  3. 316123,37    4303941,94
  4. 318535,91    4304087,95
  5. 317484,52    4306401,56
  6. 316154,80    4306741,50
  7. 318439,76    4305812,75

    You can download from HERE the coresponding KMZ file for Google Earth, or Google Maps.



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