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Vehicle Flood Checklist


    In USA, in view of the expected widespread floods of hurricanes, overlandbound.com has published a useful list of items that should be available on four-wheel (or non) vehicles for survival of the occupants.

    We also advise that you have the following items in your vehicle while you are traveling. Please note this list is extensive, and offers insight into how to create and prepare for the best outcomes in worst case scenarios: 

  • Automotive standalone GPS unit with automobile accessory port charger – Cell phone service may be unreliable, rendering the maps app in your smartphone useless.
  • 5-gallon gasoline can and enough cash for at least 3 gallons of gas at twice the normal price in your area
  • Two heavy wool or synthetic fleece blankets for each passenger expected and or (1) non-down fill sleeping bag per passenger expected
  • Two rolls of heavy-duty contractor trash bags
  • Roll of duct tape
  • A multi-tool, i.e. Leatherman or Swiss Army knife
  • Set of rain clothing for each passenger expected
  • Three mobile phone power bank batteries with USB charger cables
  • Satellite phone or satellite texting-enabled device
  • 12-Volt automotive accessory port power adaptors for USB devices
  • USB charger cables for each mobile phone
  • Two changes of clothing for each passenger expected
  • Three large waterproof tarps
  • Tent large enough for all expected passengers
  • Five gallons of water per passenger expected per day for three days (15 gallons per passenger)
  • Three meals per day for three days (nine meals) for each expected passenger
  • High energy snacks (beef jerky, peanuts, trail mix, candy bars)
  • Bottled water, tea, coffee or soda
  • Battery powered AM/FM/Weather radio with three sets spare batteries
  • One flashlight per expected passenger and three sets spare batteries
  • One automotive jump-start battery set
  • One set jumper cables
  • One spare tire filled with air to OEM requirements
  • One set automotive jack and tire wrench
  • Six cans of Fix-a-Flat
  • Warm jacket for each expected passenger
  • At least three color photocopies of each expected passenger’s identification documents, health insurance information and the vehicle’s insurance and registration documents
  • Two boxes of 1-gallon zip-lock plastic bags
  • At least $500 USD cash in small bills no larger than $20 USD
  • At least two major credit cards
  • ATM / Debit Card
  • Mobile phone
  • At least three printed copies of important telephone contact numbers such as insurance providers, automobile service help line, physician and family points of contact
  • One backpack for each passenger expected
  • At least 100 feet of half inch synthetic rope


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