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01 January 2018


Offroader Penny's doggie, named Manthos and the people of ...

Offroader.gr magazine wishes you a happy new year 2018

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22 December 2017

AstraBM309 7

     The BM309 is the pioneering 6x6 truck from Astra Veicoli Industriali S.p.A that took part in the 1985 rally Dakar with fascinating innovation.

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20 December 2017

rescue4x4 3

    The Greek 4X4 RescueTeam operated on two occasions.  In Drosopigi in Katsimidi, Attica, the first event a few days ago and in Lake Yliki of the prefecture of Viotia the second.

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11 December 2017


     Trapped jeepers on the freezing mountain of Vardousia had a happy ending.  It was a very difficult operation executed by the 7th Special Disaster Respone Unit (EMAK) 6561 feet above sea level.  The road froze to a point where not even a track equipped crawler could approach.  The operation lasted about twelve hours and the five friends from Athens, were transported to a safe place.

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